Here's what our customers have to say.

Ebo Elder

These guys are experts in water filtration and management, as well as, a joy to work with. Customer service and expertise second to none.

Charles Pratt

Awesome service and honest work! The absolute best in the business!

Ken Cote

Best Grunfoss Service in Knoxville and surrounding areas!!

Madd Hannah

Great staff great equipment extremely knowledgeable...

Betty Charlton

This family-owned business has been installing and servicing our water systems for over 10 years. They are very professional and always responsive to our needs. Highly recommend!

Ruth Duncan

I always look forward to drinking Perfect water. Knowing that I am getting the cleanest water possible to repleniash my body, is a huge comfort when we live in a world Surrounded by toxins.

Emily Adams

My family has used PerfectWater for over 20 years, and we have always loved it! Whenever company comes over they always comment on how delicious our water is. Their products and service are amazing!

David Shuler

I don't know how it works, but it's by far the best water I've had.

Tim Hungerford

Very professional crew, they will be handling any water purification needs I have in the future as well and rain water catchment . I highly recomend them.

Chuck Alexander

We always recommend PerfectWater to our customers. We know through the years of working together that our customers will be treated in a professional manner. They do what they say and have creative value oriented solutions for our customers.

Judy Graham

Tech did a great job with service requested. Very professional . Thank you Graham for a job well done.

Robin Maheu

That Denis is one heck of a hunk!

shelly nelson

Perfect water is necessary in my opinion for health!

Bob Paulson

Very professional. Job done right.

Nathan Chesney

PerfectWater has a phenomenal staff and provides great services. My family is very pleased and happy with our RO and it has saved us so much money and time from having to buy bottled water from the grocery store.

david bair

Installed my water filter system in 2003. Outstanding reliability,quality and service. Good Peope.

Matt Reeves

Excellent team to work with. I don't know anyone who has more knowledge of their craft than Dennis and his team. We love our Perfect Water installed system.

Brooks Covert

Polite, professional, and thorough. They answered all my questions and provided us with safe water to drink.

Justin Brown

These guys have always done great work!

Angie Shue

Friendly sales. Flexible installation services.