Quick answer: Absolutely 100%.

Rainwater harvesting has come a long way from “grandma’s cistern at the farm”, today it is completely within reason to use harvested as the primary and ONLY water supply for your entire home.

Not only is it in reason, people are doing it right now.


Families Across the U.S. are Living Off Rainwater Harvesting

That’s right! We’ve been in the rainwater harvesting industry since 2012, and around 35% of our customers use rainwater harvesting with no other secondary backup source. And 95% of our customers use rainwater harvesting as their primary water source – drinking, washing, bathing, cooking, – everything.

Here are few homes we’ve installed rainwater harvesting systems in – the families are using rainwater harvesting as their primary water source throughout the home.

Rainwater harvesting works for a wide variety of homes styles, sizes, roof types, and geographical topography.


Water Quality of Rainwater Harvesting

I wrote an in-depth article covering the quality of rainwater harvesting, comparing it to municipal water and well water, I’d advise reading it for more detail on this matter. But here’s a quick summary:

Harvested rainwater has just fallen from nature’s big distiller in the sky. It is naturally soft, and rid of chemicals and contaminants commonly found in municipal or well water. Through the multi-stage system, the water that comes out of the faucet in your home is pure. In fact, we don’t even recommend using reverse osmosis for the drinking water due to it’s high purity.


Water Availability of Rainwater Harvesting

In the design process, project specific calculations are made to determine the proper amount of storage and the demand/available graph for each system. We give a month-by-month projection of how much water will be used vs how much water will be available during that time period.

In many cases, the rainwater that is collected has a large surplus compared to how much is used.

We also often include on automatic crossover to a secondary water source, in case of drought.


Water Pressure of Rainwater Harvesting

We are able to provide excellent high water pressure with rainwater harvesting. The pump is most often within 100ft of the house and doesn’t have much elevation to climb. It’s a perfect situation for high-pressure.


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