Do you like coffee? This roasted bean serves the about 80% of U.S. adults according to the National Coffee Association. I drink 2-3 cups per day! It’s a consistent part of my day and I am what you might call a coffee snob.

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Why Am I Writing About Coffee?

Water and coffee are hand-in-hand, 97%-99% of coffee is water! While the coffee beans are crucial for a good cup of coffee, good water can completely change the taste, causing it to be much more pure and true to the flavor.


The Purity of Water

When combating against chemicals, such as chlorine, the richness of flavors in coffee are dampened. Due to the many chemicals used in the disinfection process for municipal water filtration plants, the coffee can be affected rather a lot.


Well Maintained Machines

Have you ever had to de-scale and clean your coffee machine because it began to malfunction? Hard water can often have a negative effect on water using machines, such as coffee makers. The calcium and magnesium can clog up the unit and create scale build-up.


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