Website makeover?

Sort of? When we decided to change our website we really weren’t interested in just a cosmetic redo. We only wanted the world to see us as we really are and, yes, we think that we will look better. Wait a minute, though, isn’t that what a makeover is all about? Isn’t it so we present who we really are, or how we really feel, on the inside? So there you go. We just finished a complete website makeover.

The home page says, “Water filtration and purification. Redefining comfort in your home.” Our logo tagline is “Redefining Comfort.” Really? What’s the “redefining” part? Here is a scenario that I have seen played out for thirty years:

Ask someone who has lived their whole life on a typical municipal water supply in the Knoxville area if they were comfortable in their home and they would likely say, “yes.”

Now take the same person, in the same home (same water supply), but they have lived experiencing central water conditioning and purification for a while (30 days or so). Now, turn off the system. Guess what? They are extremely uncomfortable. Comfort redefined through experience.

Therefore, comfort can easily be redefined through experience. This is true with many things I suppose. I really like my classic Ford pickup truck. However, I am pretty sure that if I drove a new F Series Super Duty, even for a short time, that my comfort would be redefined.

For most people the perception is that water is water so the idea of water being a problem is nowhere to be found on the personal radar. When I started selling reverse osmosis systems in 1983 (the year they were introduced to the market for residential use) most people would say, “Oh, I’m on city water, I don’t need one of those.” WOW! We’ve come a long ways in 30 years. Now we spend about $11 billion a year purchasing bottled water.

That is a step forward as far as personal health goes, depending on the water. However, bottled water is consumed at a huge cost in carbon footprint for production and distribution. More carbon footprint is caused by disposal, or we create, downright, ugly litter. Further, bottled water has no ability to effect other important aspects of our life at home.

What about the water we use for laundry and bathing? Dishes? Washing cars? Cleaning? Water affects nearly every part of our life at home.  Find out more about how so much of your life can be more comfortable, or share with us how it already is,  with PerfectWater™. Redefining Comfort.

-Denis Rochat, CWS IV

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