PerfectWaterTM,a rainwater harvesting full-system provider and water purification company, is hiring a Sales Estimator.

Not only will this person work closely with Lowes appliance and plumbing personnel, but they will develop those relationships to produce customer lead acquisitions.  This person will also utilize estimating equipment to solve water problems for those customer leads.  

Based on our experience, we’ve found that our happiest and most successful team members in this position have the following qualities:

  • Confident in communicating information and success stories about a product they believe in,
  • Outgoing and relational in meeting new people,
  • Enjoys traveling to new places to discover new opportunities – 75 mi radius,
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Tools and/or has the ability to learn new software.

A strong candidate is motivated and enjoys success in the form of sales estimate acceptance that result in tangible changes that good quality water has on quality of life.

We are looking for someone who answers an enthusiastic “YES!” to:

  • Do you live in the Knoxville area?
  • Have you worked in consumer sales before?
  • Are you self-disciplined to plan your work and work the plan?
  • Are you a self-starter who can consistently work without close supervision?
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