Read Me First

Before you go further, we thought it would be best for you to know more about us. As a business, we have set core values and a mission that we are determined to accomplish. If these core values or mission doesn't fit with you, that is okay! But it is a good indicator that we will not be a good fit for each other.

Our Mission

We empower homeowners to take control of their water resources. We do so through diligence in our work, and trust in our relationships.

Our Core Values

Attitude is a Choice
Attitude is not dependent on our past, others, circumstances, failures, or successes. 
Diligence in Our Work
High value for every customer. Careful. Consistent. Persistent. High Quality. Continually Improving. 
Freedom in Truth
Truth clarifies and guides. Truth creates trust. Truth grants personal and collective freedom. 
Ensures expectations are met. Ensures consistent quality and efficient work.  
Team members are valued. A positive force in our community. Take care of the things we have.  
If everything above is speaking your language, then we encourage you to check out the full job description because you will fit right in with us!

Job Description

Key Results Areas (KRAs):

➔   Company financial records are accurate and promptly available.

➔   The filing and updating of company documents are completed accurately and on-time.

➔   Human Resource functions are completed and healthy.

➔   PerfectWater’s office is orderly and alive.

Other Responsibilities:

➔    Communicate with ourBookkeeping staff

➔    Review A/R and A/P

➔    Phones and In-Person office communication handled

➔    Processing payroll

➔    Paying approved Bills

➔    Review Uncategorized transactions

➔    Manage and & DEXT accounts

➔    Deposit checks

➔    Enter CustomerPayments

➔    Maintain office supplies

➔    Office is Orderly

➔    Emails are responded

➔    Communication is healthy

➔    Insurance policy management

➔    Team member Onboarding

Requirements / Skills / Qualifications:

➔   Understanding of the Microsoft Suite

➔   Understanding of basic QuickBooks functions

➔   Quick to learn new software programs

➔   High attention to detail

➔   Skilled in written and verbal communication

Bonus Points:

➔   Executive Assistant, Office Management orBookkeeping experience  

Job Title
Office Administrator
Compensation Range
30,000 - 40,000
Job Type
Knoxville, TN
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Download Application