Water Purification

Less than 1% of the water that comes into the home is used for drinking. It is not necessary for the water we use to wash laundry and dishes with to be removed of all contaminants. However, it provides significant health and taste benefits for the water we do drink to be purified water.

Although our water supplies are regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act, there are still hundreds of contaminants found in our water supplies that are currently not included in those regulations, but are believed to cause adverse health effects.

In September of 2009 the EPA developed a list called the Contaminant Candidate List (CCL-3). The agency first evaluated 7500 contaminants then narrowed it down to an action list. The CCL-3, which contained 116 chemicals, pesticides, water-borne pathogens, disinfectant by-products and biological toxins that are currently not regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act, but which are known, or anticipated to occur, in public water systems.