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Lowrance | Residence

Rainwater Harvesting System Type: Whole House Potable Water – Primary Water Supply

Backup Source: Yes. Municipal Water Supply

Project: The goal of this project was to capture rainwater as the primary water supply for the Lowrance family. That includes drinking, washing, bathing, cooking, and for whatever else this family might use water. They had experienced harvested rainwater overseas and wanted to see if it would be possible for the new home they were building.

Exceptional water quality and high flow rates were important. And after meeting with our company to discuss the project, they were on board and we began the process of designing a system that would meet their needs within the supply of their home size.

After the initial design phase, water storage and system installation were executed. We then waited for the proper time in the construction process to perform system start-up in connecting to the whole-house plumbing.

Since 2016, when they started living in this home, the family says they love their rainwater harvesting system!

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Project Numbers

Estimated Gallons Demand / Yr

Estimated Days of Water Reserve

Gallons Collected Per Inch of Rain

Estimated Gallons of Rainwater Harvested / Yr

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Regular Household Occupants

Lowrance | Residence