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Moi | Residence

Rainwater Harvesting System Type: Whole House Potable Water – Primary Water Supply

Backup Source: Yes. Municipal Water Supply

Project: The goal of this project was to capture rainwater as the primary water supply for the Moi family. That includes drinking, washing, bathing, cooking, and for whatever else this family might use water. When considering rainwater harvesting as the primary source of water, the homeowner wanted to be sure that quality of life wouldn’t change. We delivered a system that has changed the quality of life, but only for the better.

To maximize usable space, underground storage was placed underneath the back yard. This allowed for an excellent path for the water flowing to the storage as well as conceling the large water storage tanks.

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Project Numbers

Estimated Gallons Demand / Yr

Estimated Days of Water Reserve

Gallons Collected Per Inch of Rain

Estimated Gallons of Rainwater Harvested / Yr

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Regular Household Occupants

Moi | Residence