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Reyes | Residence

Rainwater Harvesting System Type: Whole House Potable Water – Primary Water Supply

Backup Source: No. Sole-Source Rainwater Harvesting.

Project: The goal of this project was to capture rainwater as the sole-source water supply for the Reyes Residence. That includes drinking, washing, bathing, cooking, and for whatever else might use water.

When it came to the decision of what was going to supply the water for this home, rainwater harvesting brought many benefits that other water sources, such as a well, did not. The owner has been living off of rainwater as the primary water source since 2016.

Here’s what the owner had to say:

“Thank goodness for PerfectWater! They helped me achieve my dream home when I had exhausted all avenues of getting water to my site. I luckily happened upon them when doing research about alternative water supply. From the moment I called, they were dedicated and patient with my process. A huge shout-out to Daniel who was awesome, driving several hours, several times, over the course of about a year and a half. Everyone, from the installers to the general support team, is professional and caring. The rainwater system is my only water supply and minus a few minor construction hiccups, the system has been flawless. Everyone that has been to my house has just been amazed at it all. Thanks to Daniel, Ezekiel, and everyone at PerfectWater!”

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Reyes | Residence