100%. While rainwater harvesting is a major part of this company, Denis has been in the water purification industry for over 30 years and is one of two certified master water specialists in the state of Tennessee. He has used his vast knowledge in that arena to develop systems that are completely effective in filtering and removing any potential threat of bacteria in the water to purified level.
Before we start a job, we will scope out the project and provide a detailed estimate on how much water the household will use, how much the system will yield, and the deficit. Our highly trained and educated team will propose a system that is most efficient based on the rain average in the project's area. For sole-source rainwater harvesting applications, there will be a fill port installed at the tank so that water can be tanked in if a drought should occur. All other systems will have an automated backup switch that moves source water to municipal or well in case of drought.
With the advancements in science and technology, our systems are incredibly simple within their complexity. That being so, service is recommended only once a year. And for the "DIYers" out there, with a simple 2-hour training from one of our technicians, you can easily perform the service yourself if that interests you.
We are not a "buy our kit system" dealer. It's just not how we work. What we offer is a rainwater harvesting system that is integrated with your home, customized for your project. We provide the ability to go to your faucet, and turn on the water, and let it flow just like any other water source. From scope, design, installations, and service, we handle everything from the end of the downspouts back to being plumbed into your whole house plumbing.
Most definitely. We do not sell "Spec systems" we sell custom systems. That includes specifications for a proper pump to meet the demands of any water use.
We have many special upgrades that can added to any system. One, is a remote-mounted tank level indicator that can be placed in your garage or wherever you may want it.
Our complete filtration system is a minimalistic design. While being full power in filtration, the space is takes up is rather small. Usually about a 4' x 4' mounted section on a wall or in a crawl space.
No. We have many different types of tank storage including above AND below ground.
Think about going online and buying a spec air conditioning system for your home... that doesn't make any sense. There are so many factors to consider that it needs to be a system suited precisely for your home. The same goes for rainwater harvesting. From tank size for your roof footprint and rainfall average, to pumps and filtration, we provide a custom system that meets your needs perfectly.
Each of our systems comes with pre-tank filtration that removes any debris that could be coming from your roof down to about a 500 micron width (a little under the size of a grain of salt).