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My wife and I have used Perfect Water for 22 years and could not be happier with the great tasting water and the customer service that is second to none.

Since our bodies are 80% water, it always made great sense to us to put pure water into the mix. The 3 levels of filtration used in the reverse osmosis (RO) unit gets out 99.9% of the bad stuff like fine hairs, chlorine, medications (that people throw down the sink), etc.

Great people with high ethical values run this company. Imagine how great it would be to have clear ice cubes and pure water at your tap every day. Coffee tastes a lot better with it too.

We did a taste test with our dogs last year. We put down 2 bowls of water: one with tap water, and the second one with RO water. They went for the RO water every time! Hmmm . . .

— David Beswick