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The Comprehensive Guide to Water Softening

We’ve created this guide to answer any questions you might have about water softening & water softeners.

What is Water Softening?

Water Softening removes hardness minerals such as calcium and magnesium from water using the process of ion exchange. The benefits of soft water include eliminating future scale buildup, healthier skin & hair, well-performing appliances, and long-lasting water heaters.

Check out the resources below to learn more about water softeners and soft water!

Benefits of Soft Water

Benefits of Soft Water

Chances are, hard water is affecting your life in ways you didn’t even know! Soft water brings numerous benefits to your home and lifestyle. Check out the resources below to learn more about the effects of hard water and the benefits of soft water.

Water Softening Process

Water Softening Process

The process of water softeners is simple and effective. Want to learn about more precise details of the operation of a water softener? The resources below are for you.

What to Know About Water Softeners

What to Know About Water Softeners

From how to buy a water softener, what to look for, and other helpful information on water softeners, the resources below are for you!

Myths of Water Softeners

Myths of Soft Water & Water Softeners

Have you ever heard information regarding soft water or water softeners and wondered if it was true? Let’s look deeper into these common myths.

Water Softener Gallery

Municipal Water System - Filtration, Softening, Purification
Water purification, water softening, and chlorine removal

Benefits of Water Softening

Practical Luxury

Isn’t it great when something so luxurious is also extremely practical and healthy?

Protection: Washing Appliances

Any water use appliance such as dishwashers or clothes washers are affected negatively by hard water. Soft water increases efficiency and life-span. (see Battelle Report)

Full Pressure in Showers

Hard water builds up in small ports like shower heads, which can create a loss in pressure of 75% in less than 18 months! One can expect no build up with soft water.

Crystal Clear Dishes

Hard water is incredibly corrosive to glass. Have you ever pulled a glass out of the dishwasher and it was almost foggy? Soft water cleans the dishes perfectly clear without etching into the glass.

Less Detergent

Most clothing and dish detergent is designed to overcome the contaminants within hard water. Thus, when using soft water, one can expect use less than half as much detergent.

Protection: Pipes & Plumbing

Calcium and magnesium in hard water will build up in pipes and plumbing over the years. With soft water, you pipes and plumbing stay clean and smooth.

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