Well/Surface Water

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PerfectWater™ has over 25 years of experience in treating well and surface water supplies. Most municipal water supplies in the United States utilize either wells or surface water as their source water. Desalination of ocean water is used in some coastal communities in the US, as well as some large municipalities in the Middle East, and Australia.

Whatever the source, the right solution starts with a complete understanding of the water chemistry. Perfect Water utilizes a minimum 70 parameter analysis from a certified laboratory. One of our Certified Water Specialist will interpret the analysis. By understanding the analytes and their relationship to one another we will apply science to understanding the source water. Utilizing our experience in interpreting the analysis, along with considerations of space availability, flow rate requirements, and overall demand assures you will get the perfect solution for high-quality water throughout your home. We provide free consultation.

Surface water supplies are commonly used for source water. If your home is on a lake and you have received approval for utilizing the lake water as your source water, you are fortunate and sure to enjoy the water throughout your home. The technology for transforming most surface water to safe, soft, luxurious water has been widely used for many years.

One of our Certified Water Specialist is happy to meet with you to discuss your specific situation at no cost.