What Sets Us Apart

GOAL. Our goal is that our clients have perfect water—water that they love—at every faucet all the time without thinking about the equipment.

METHOD. Every job is a custom job. Our clients want us to achieve our goal. Our unique approach to making the right application of equipment is to gather the information required to make a professional recommendation. If well water, then we start with a 70 parameter analysis from a certified laboratory. Site information, plans review (if new construction), contractor and customer preferences are submitted to our engineering department for design. A quotation with recommendations is then forwarded to the contractor or homeowner.

PRODUCTS. We have found that we can provide better solutions to our clients without the restrictions of “franchise” and “dealership” business models. We are unrestricted in representing hundreds of manufacturers and can select the perfect solution for every problem.

HEART. As a family business, with four of nine children working full time at PerfectWater, we help each other remember the most important things about business: The relationships. From vendor to client our main rule is the Golden Rule. We strive to be sure that our clients always enjoy the relationship. When equipment fails, or we drop the ball (hopefully this is very rare), it’s our responsibility to respond quickly and always treat our clients with respect and fairness.

EFFICIENCY. Our Customer Relations Management software assures that everyone is on the same page all the time. The service technician always knows the complete service history, invoice history, equipment history and warranty status for each client call. We want to avoid confusion and get it right the first time, every time.

KNOWLEDGE. Our policy is simple. Field personnel must become Certified within 1 year of employment. We have found that the added knowledge and continuing education requirements of Certification adds value for our clients by providing spot on recommendations and quotations, professional installations, and one stop efficient service.

EXPERIENCE. Our many years of experience in the water business help us to give better, cheaper, and faster solutions to our clients.