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Since 1997

PerfectWater™ has offered seamlessly-integrated water purification and rainwater harvesting technologies that make the water you use every day effortless, sustainable, and crystal clear. We help people love their water.

For New Custom Homes in Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee

Purified water. All the time.

Integrated purified drinking water is one of our specialties, and once you have it you’ll never want to go back. Imagine pure drinking water conveniently flowing through faucets in your kitchen sink, bar, and bathroom and into existing water-using appliances like pot-fillers, espresso machines, and ice makers. PerfectWater™ can run a purified drinking water line to any location in your house.

No more bottled water

Bottled water is expensive, unhealthy, environmentally unsustainable, and inconvenient. BPA (bisphenol-A) leakage, overpricing, unnecessary waste products, ongoing hauling or delivery, and even misleading labeling about the standard of purification are some of the avoidable downsides to using bottled water. With PerfectWater™, you can say 'no' to bottled water and experience the joy of having pure drinking water integrated throughout your home.

Peace of Mind

With Perfect Water™ you never have to worry about what chemicals and contaminants are in your water. Enjoy the peace-of-mind of knowing that your water-using appliances, clothes, dishes, skin, and hair are being maintained and protected by the water they come in contact with every single day.

Protection: Washing Appliances

Any water use appliance such as dishwashers or clothes washers are affected negatively by hard water. Soft water increases efficiency and life-span. (see Battelle Report)

Water Availability

Rainwater harvesting is your own personal water supply. If municipal water is not available, issues arise with well water sources, or if you simply wish to utilize this abundant resource, rainwater harvesting is a strongly recommended solution.


Rainwater harvesting can make your home 100% self-sustainable if you want to be off the grid.

Learn more about the many benefits of Water Purification and Rainwater Harvesting.

Love your water.

Love your water.