Our Specialty

New Custom Homes

Are you having trouble with your well, or maybe you are looking for a more reliable water source?

PerfectWater™ can add value to your home and enhance your quality of life. You will experience the joy of having great water integrated and available throughout your home.

For new homes, PerfectWater™ has pioneered central water conditioning and purification. Over the years we have developed several methods for delivering the very best water in the most effective and efficient way.

Our systems are installed in the mechanical room with no filters and clutter under the sink. Purified water lines are run to various locations including ice machines, wet bars, automatic coffee machines, and master baths.

We know the process of building a new home and the coordination that needs to happen in order for our equipment to be installed seamlessly. PerfectWater™ drives the process with communicating with your builder, plumber, and electrician to insure a worry-free experience for you, the homeowner.

Having PerfectWater means that your home is built so that the water running through it is consistently clean, safe and crystal clear. It is an environmentally responsible choice, adding efficiency to your home by conserving resources through reduction in bottled water waste, soaps, detergents, and water heating costs.

Working with Builders

We thrive in new custom homes. Not only because of the quality of our work, but we also have had years of experience working with builders and we strive for what they love. We’re not simply a water treatment dealer, or a subcontractor for that matter; we are trade contractors.

How We Work

Scheduling on Your Time
We understand that the building process is series of steps, and timelines are incredibly important to make sure those steps are executed precisely. We will come in at the beginning of the building process and perform the pre plumb for the purified lines and work with your electrician and plumber to make sure we are all on the same mindset. When ready, we will return to set the equipment, rack, tanks, and perform startup.
You cannot have excellent customer service without clear communication; and we strive for excellent customer service. We will work with you through situations as they arise. We know that building a home can often be a delicate process and sometimes the unexpected does happen. From the transition of sales to installation to service, we promise a clear understanding and confidence in our process.
We approach every job with excellence and experience, building a reputation for quality work and customer service. As we work with our customers, we strive to build a relationship of dependability and trust. We work with many highly-respected building contractors, and we provide high quality, beautiful, custom turnkey systems time and time again.

The stress of an unreliable well is a lot, we understand.

What Builders Say About Working With Us

We use PerfectWater for our homes for several reasons. First, everyone on their team has great integrity and professionalism. They show up on time looking sharp and speaking the truth. They also sell a great product that works and when it does have issues they stand behind their work. They also have a no pressure sales pitch and they are willing to customize their systems to fit the budget and desires of the client. I have their system in my house, and my family and I think it's great.

David Ivey Jr.

PerfectWater is a wonderful company to work with. We have utilized their services in various custom homes.Their team is always professional, personal, and thorough. They go above and beyond and never fail our expectations.Their quality service and product is refreshing, and our clients are never disappointed.David Ivey Jr.PresidentIvey Custom Homes, Inc.

Chuck Alexander

We always recommend PerfectWater to our customers. We know through the years of working together that our customers will be treated in a professional manner. They do what they say and have creative value oriented solutions for our customers.

Chester Richardson

PerfectWater is a wonderful company to work with. Working with PerfectWater has always been a pleasurable experience. They have knowledgeable staff and professional sales team. Followed up with an installation crew that is meticulous and clean. I feel they are clearly the best value in the market.

Beaver Home Builders

As a high-end custom homebuilder, I have requests for water filtration systems in homes, and those requests seem to be picking up. I always work with PerfectWater when a client requests water filtration. I appreciate that I’m able to set up a meeting between my clients and PerfectWater, and rely on them to present their products with professionalism and incredible expertise.

Rainwater Harvesting Puts the
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Reliable Water Source
City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.
High-Quality Water
City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.
Completely Yours
City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.