The Complete Guide to

Water Purification & Filtration

We’ve created this guide to answer any questions you might have about water purification and filtration.

"Every time it rains, I think it’s like liquid gold in the sky."

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What is Water Purification & Filtration?

Our bodies are about 60%-80% water. The quality of the water you put in your body everyday makes a difference in the long run. The good news is you can take control of your water with whole-home water purification & filtration.

Learn the reasons and possibilities to give you and your family the highest quality water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing, as well as the best water to expand the life of your water-based appliances.

This includes water softening, filtration, reverse osmosis, and more.

We understand, and we’re here to help.

Drinking Water

The water that goes IN your body is hands down the most important. This collection of articles reviews where you can get your drinking water – bottled, municipality, Reverse Osmosis. What are you going to choose?

Myths About Water Purification

Knowing the facts about your drinking water is imperative to making the right choice for you and your family. Use these articles to separate the myths from the facts.

Rainwater Harvesting Puts the
Control In Your Back Yard

Reliable Water Source
City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.
High-Quality Water
City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.
Completely Yours
City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.

Benefits of Water Purification & Filtration

Tea Time

We install instant-hot systems for drinking water faucets. Cool and hot water coming from the same faucet.

Tastes Like Water

Well water can bring along with it unnatural tastes. We can make it... taste like water.

Stain-Free Water

Water stains can ruin bathroom and kitchen fixtures so quickly. Keep your surfaces clean with clear water.

Soft and Silky Hair

Hard water coats your hair with calcium and magnesium, this causes it to get dry and tangly. Your hair will never feel better than it does when using soft water.

Purified water. All the time.

Integrated purified drinking water is one of our specialties, and once you have it you’ll never want to go back. Imagine pure drinking water conveniently flowing through faucets in your kitchen sink, bar, and bathroom and into existing water-using appliances like pot-fillers, espresso machines, and ice makers. PerfectWater™ can run a purified drinking water line to any location in your house.

Protection: Hot Water (Tank & Tankless)

Hot water tanks may be the appliance most affected by hard water. Softeners allow the water to flow through the system with no buildup. (See Batelle Report)