Water Purification & Filtration

View the benefits of Water Purification & Filtration

Tea Time

We install instant-hot systems for drinking water faucets. Cool and hot water coming from the same faucet.

Tastes Like Water

Well water can bring along with it unnatural tastes. We can make it... taste like water.

Stain-Free Water

Water stains can ruin bathroom and kitchen fixtures so quickly. Keep your surfaces clean with clear water.

Soft and Silky Hair

Hard water coats your hair with calcium and magnesium, this causes it to get dry and tangly. Your hair will never feel better than it does when using soft water.

Purified water. All the time.

Integrated purified drinking water is one of our specialties, and once you have it you’ll never want to go back. Imagine pure drinking water conveniently flowing through faucets in your kitchen sink, bar, and bathroom and into existing water-using appliances like pot-fillers, espresso machines, and ice makers. PerfectWater™ can run a purified drinking water line to any location in your house.

Protection: Hot Water (Tank & Tankless)

Hot water tanks may be the appliance most affected by hard water. Softeners allow the water to flow through the system with no buildup. (See Batelle Report)

Protection: Washing Appliances

Any water use appliance such as dishwashers or clothes washers are affected negatively by hard water. Soft water increases efficiency and life-span. (see Battelle Report)

Purified Ice

PerfectWater™ will connect your purified drinking water to your fridge, self-standing ice machines and other water-using appliances. Enjoy refreshing clear and pure ice with any beverage, without the dilution of chlorine and other contaminants.

Protection: Pipes & Plumbing

Calcium and magnesium in hard water will build up in pipes and plumbing over the years. With soft water, you pipes and plumbing stay clean and smooth.

Practical Luxury

Isn’t it great when something so luxurious is also extremely practical and healthy?

Protection from Pathogenic Bacteria

Bacteria is one of the worse kinds of contaminants that well water can have. And even if a well has been tested for bacteria and came back negative, that doesn't mean bacteria will never be found in that well water, it only means THAT sample was bacteria-free. Peace of mind as your family drinks glass after glass.

PH Correction

The PH scale is important to watch when dealing with well water. We get it right to that perfect number 7.

Rainwater Harvesting Puts the
Control In Your Back Yard

Reliable Water Source
City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.
High-Quality Water
City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.
Completely Yours
City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.