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Integrated Drinking Water Purification for Your Home

If you are building or considering building a home, this article is for you. Integrated drinking water purification throughout your home is an amenity that you do not want to pass up.

What is Drinking Water Purification?

Drinking water purification is the process of removing contaminants from drinking water, resulting in high-quality drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is the highest standard for drinking water purification in residential applications.

Municipal (City) water is full of contaminants that are undesirable and unhealthy for the body. This includes chemicals, such as chlorine and chloramine, pesticides, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and more. With Reverse Osmosis you can remove these before they hit your drinking glass, coffee maker or shower.

Things to Consider Regarding Drinking Water Purification in a New Build

There are a lot of considerations when building a new custom home. Integrated drinking water purification should be one of them.

Where do you want purified water?

Interested? Take a walk through your plans. Where would you like purified drinking water locations throughout your home? Kitchen sink always comes to mind, but what about the wet bar, bathroom faucets, pot filler, ice machine, coffee maker etc? You use water throughout your house and a whole house system can give you peace of mind wherever you turn on a faucet.

When do you need to decide to install?

To fully integrate purified drinking water throughout your home, the purified lines should be installed after framing, plumbing, and electrical, but before drywall. In construction terms, during rough-in, prior to installation. This gives the ability to direct the line exactly where it should be with no troubles.

Life with Integrated Drinking Water Purification in Your Home

No more single-use plastics. Helping the environment again and again without worrying of BPA leakage or chemicals leaching into the water from plastics. Or an improperly packaged or purified case of water. With a drinking water purification system, you’ve taken control of your water.

A Day in the Life of Water Purification

You wake up in the morning and walk into your master closet, touch the brew button. Your coffee maker is already connected to a purified water line, and instantly begins to brew a fresh cup of pure, fresh coffee. You walk into the bathroom and brush your teeth, washing your mouth out with purified water straight from the special faucet next to your sink.

Around lunchtime, you decide to make a timeless tasteful meal, spaghetti. You grab your big pot and set it on the stove, filling the pot with purified water straight from the pot filler above the stove. Afterward, you recount that it was the best spaghetti you’ve ever had… psst, it was the water.

At dinner, you decide to drink some cold sweet tea, you even notice the ice tastes great too!

As you head to bed you realize you are drinking more water because you know it is so good for you and it tastes great! And the story goes on and on. Whenever the family uses water, the experience is better and better with an integrated drinking water purification in your home.

Water plays such a primary role throughout your life, take control of your water. Contact our team to learn how you can enjoy purified drinking water throughout your home.

You can take control of your water. If you want to learn more about whole-home water purification, contact our team today for a free water consultation.

Want to learn even more about whole-home water purification in Knoxville and Nashville? Check out our Knoxville and Nashville Residents Guide to Water Purification.

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