Project Profile - Lister Residence

Sequoyah Hills, a gracious 100-year-old area of forest and rolling hills fronting the Tennessee River, is one of Knoxville’s most admired neighborhoods. Sequoyah Hills remains one of those places out of another time where children can walk to school and holidays are celebrated at outdoor community events. The Sequoyah Hills Elementary School is one of best in the city.

Meet Tom Lister

Lister Residence, new construction

  Lister Residence, home build project

Tom Lister chose to reside in Sequoyah Hills at a location perfect for his family. The children are young and the home site backed up to a park which joins the elementary school playground to the Sequoyah Branch Library. Not too distant are baseball and soccer fields.

Water Quality Alert

But as construction began in 2014, something was missing. Not something overt, but something out of sight and sometimes neglected in even the most discriminating home design. Water quality!

Not that water was lacking in quantity. The Lister home is connected to municipal water and has a private well. Tom Lister, a successful businessman knew he preferred to treat drinking water. But as he delved into the process and cost of water conditioning he became convinced a greater commitment was reasonable.

The Benefits for His Family

“Initially I went with a drinking water conditioning system”, said Tom Lister, “but when I researched a whole house treatment system I found the cost to benefit ratio a smart move. Once past the initial investment maintenance is minimal and the health benefits considerable.”

He was talking about the benefit of softened and dechlorinated water to skin and hair. Skin eczema or allergies to ordinary tap water are nonexistent. Haircare is made simple by removal of unneeded minerals. In the kitchen and laundry, there is another positive impact. Dishwashing and laundry detergent use is cut in half. Mass market, full strength detergent compounds are over-engineered and unnecessary.

The Centralized Water System for the Lister Family

Mechanical Room

Mechanical Room

The system PerfectWater™ designed for the Lister home delivered perfect water throughout the house. All the municipal supply is first dechlorinated and softened. Drinking water is additionally purified by electric deionization and other processes, then piped by dedicated supply lines to the kitchen refrigerator/ice and sink.

A crossover system for well water was installed. Everything consumed in the house is first sterilized by ultraviolet light which is controlled by an automatic cutoff in the event of a lamp failure.

Outside of the Lister’s beautiful new two-story home life proceeds apace not much changed from the neighborhoods original 100-year-old plan. Inside the Lister home though, modern water treatment technology is contributing silently to the health of a happy family.

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