Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Faucet Compatibility

The History of Reverse Osmosis Faucets 

The demand for purified water is increasing rapidly and the ice machine and faucet manufacturers know it. When we began pioneering central water purification in 1992 if you installed a reverse osmosis water purifier you had one choice for a purified water faucet. It was plain chrome with a black plastic handle and pretty much a nightmare for a kitchen designer.

Why Does the Faucet Need to be RO Compatible?

Why does it matter? When water is purified by distillation or reverse osmosis, all the inorganic contaminants (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc) have been removed. With the inorganic contaminants absent, water, often referred to as the universal solvent, wants to pick up a little bit of everything it touches. Faucets and ice machines have always been constructed in a way that exposes the water to brass, copper, and other metals. It is critical that water is not re-contaminated after the purification system. When a system is validated by ANSI/NSF every component the water touches must also beANSI/NSF listed for RO compatibility. This includes fittings, tubing, valves, faucets, ice machines. Interestingly, typical refrigerator ice makers/water dispensers are OK to use with RO water.

Watch Out For “Fake” RO Faucets

Over the past 18 years, an evolution into purified water compatibility has taken place and produced some confusion along the way. Several fixture manufacturers started making “filter” faucets. These faucets had little value in the water quality arena because “filtered” water is not pure enough to require a special faucet. However, this caused an enormous amount of confusion. It understandably made sense to builders and consumers that if I purchased a “filter” faucet, it should work. Unfortunately, they were not RO Compatible. Some of the fixture manufacturers understand the difference and are now producing “purified”, reverse osmosis (RO) compatible, faucets. Waterstone makes a full line of RO compatible faucets along with a selection of pot fillers.

Ice Machines

Ice machines pose the same problem as faucets with copper, brass, and other metals. U-line and Sub Zero are now making RO compatible ice machines. These machines will not work with just any reverse osmosis system. PerfectWater has installed many systems servicing ice machines and as many as 15 independent drinking water locations in one home. Demand, production rates, sizing, recovery, etc all matter and PerfectWater has the knowledge and experience to assure that you are satisfied.

Where Can You Buy Reverse Osmosis Faucets?

We often recommend FergusonEnterprise. They have many local branches and we have found them to be incredibly helpful. They also provide fantastic products. If you need help or would like a recommendation, call us at 865-544-7873.

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