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Company History

We’re a family-owned business that is all about helping people take control of their water so that they can live better lives.

PerfectWater™ is built on a foundation that started in early 1983, in Akron, OH where Denis was introduced to the owner of a large water-conditioning company. What started as an intensive immersion into water purification technology as he began his work as a sales rep, soon developed into a lifelong pursuit. In 1989, Denis and his wife with their four kids decided to settle in Denis’ hometown of Knoxville, TN, where Denis continued to develop his career in water purification, this time forging his own company in an industry that he had come to love.

He worked hard to begin to build the business, just him and his truck. Demanding excellence, he acquired the highest level of certification awarded in the industry. He built a reputation as the go-to guy for installations in high-end custom homes and for providing solutions for problem well water.

Tragedy struck in August of 1995, when Denis was in a serious automobile accident. Recovery took about 18 months and came complete with a prosthetic leg to provide mobility due to an above-knee amputation. The pain and loss of these difficult times nevertheless contributed to much-needed personal growth along with deep development of character and life-long bonds for him and his family. His oldest son, Gabriel, still in high school, held the business together during this time. Ask Denis what the big things are in life that help to produce success and he will probably tell you, “It’s the hardships one endures that make you strong and develop your character.”

Following recovery from the accident, PerfectWater™ was formed in 1997 and started out in the barn and an old trailer on the family property. With limited resources and lots of youthful energy to help, the business was launched and has enjoyed steady growth for over 20 years. Many of the company’s customers, the UPS driver, and some of the vendors have watched the family grow up. Denis says, “Our family is humbled to have developed so many friendships among our customers over the years.”Each of his 9 children has worked in the business part-time through high school. And now, three of his sons head up their own departments within the business.

PerfectWater™ went on to pioneer central water filtration and purification integration into new home construction. For over 20 years, PerfectWater™ has been clearly recognized as the leader in water purification throughout the greater Knoxville area: pertaining especially to new, high-end, custom homes.In 2010, Denis began to pursue interests in water sustainability. PerfectWater™ added residential rainwater harvesting to its product offerings in 2012. The companies background in water filtration and purification has proven to be a very good fit for designing rainwater harvesting systems providing residential potable water.Whether water purification for municipal and private well source water or rainwater harvesting, PerfectWater™ is all about high-quality water for quality of life and good stewardship of this precious natural resource – water!

Rainwater Harvesting Puts the
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City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.
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City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.
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City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.