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Why Schedule a Rainwater Harvesting Consultation?

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What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater Harvesting is the collection of rooftop rainwater for storage and future use. The water collected can be used as the primary water supply for the home; this includes drinking, cooking, washing, bathing – everything!

Isn't Rainwater Harvesting Illegal?

Can My Home Really Be Supplied with Rainwater?

Image of large, beautiful home - Rainwater Harvesting for a HomeImage of a large, country home - Rainwater Harvesting for a Home

Rainwater Harvesting as the Primary Water Source in Your Home

Harvested rainwater is not only a self-sufficient water supply for your home, it also provides the best quality of water available for residential applications.

The Water Quality of Harvested Rainwater

Naturally Soft & Free of Chemicals