Asheville Residence - Rainwater Harvesting in NC

Mountaintop Home in the Rolling Hills of North Carolina

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Asheville Residence – Rainwater Harvesting in NC

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to offset the deficit from county and groundwater. Besides, by collecting, storing and ultimately using rainwater, you get to save money, which could then be channeled to other bills. What's more, rainwater is low in minerals, and as such, it is ideal for dishwashing, bathing, laundry, and other uses within the home.

The Asheville Story

The residence in this project is located on a mountain in Asheville, North Carolina. The homeowner reminisces about how they got interested in rainwater harvesting. In the interview, the homeowners say, "We were three months before closing and the builders decided to drill a well and it only produced 2 gallons an hour." The latter happens to be the city's typical standard. This is barely enough as the recommended output that could ensure the smooth running of a home is at least 60 gallons an hour.

This deficit is what pushed the homeowners towards rainwater harvesting. "I was one month away from closing and I had no water, and you can't have a house with no water."

"I heard about you guys from my neighbor." As for how long they had been building, he says, "It took a year to build. At this point, I never thought about when to build a well. The driller told me we would dig holes from now to kingdom come, but then it would cost us. I felt that this would generally be stupid. I explained to Daniel what my issue was and I told him I needed not only a quote, but I needed it installed by the end of the month."

Being as committed as we are to providing timely service to our clients, we immediately made plans to start the project. "Daniel came and finished the bid by the end of the day."

Regardless of the time you reach out, we make a commitment to show up. "Daniel was on vacation, but he still got back to me the same day."

"You guys were very good about getting out here when I needed you, and we thoroughly appreciate the fact that you did."

As for our reputation, the homeowner did the due diligence. "Before I signed the contract, I called your references and everybody was very positive about your work."

We have created a business model that makes you feel like you are part of the family.

"Mary and Denis both are very easy to talk to. I was shocked to be able to speak with Denis."

Before deciding on our company, the homeowners considered another provider.

"I had another vendor who did rainwater harvesting and I called them to do my due diligence and he could do it for 5,000 cheaper, but he had only done 5 residential properties. The rest had been agriculture. I told him this is what I live on, and I couldn't be his guinea pig."

"Plus he told me it would take him 3 weeks to finish, if everything went right and I couldn't wait that long."

The System

The system needed for the home included a 5,000 gallon of storage. The home has been depending on the system for a whole year.

"Tomorrow we will have officially been in this house one full year. The first 4 months or so I was like a hawk looking at the wireless monitor, which I'm really glad I got, or else I would've gone nuts worrying about how much water is in the tank. The big question was, am I going to run out of water?"

The system is set up in a manner that makes it possible to collect whatever amount of rainwater the mountain region gets.

"Every time it rained, I thought it was like liquid gold in the sky."

Living with Rainwater Harvesting

"When somebody says it's going to rain 2 inches, how the hell you are able to fathom that 1 inch equals 2900 gallons, but it works. It's one of those weird things you never think about, that that little rain produces that much water. The lowest I've ever gotten was 72%, and we had gone 4 weeks without rain, and my kids came in for Christmas, and that's the lowest I had ever been." 2s2

As for being fulfilled, the homeowners report a positive experience with the system we set up for them. "We are happier now because we've got better tasting water than anyone in the area."

In the homeowners' eyes, rainwater harvesting has great ROI.

"I said it tastes a hell of a lot better than any city water I have tasted and well, it's like free money."

When the homeowners have people over, the rainwater harvesting system always comes up.

"I told my kids we didn't do a well, but that we installed a Rainwater Harvesting system, and they were shocked. My kids said it tasted better than their water."

A Focus on Water Quality and the Environment

We are keen on providing you with the best quality water. It is in consideration of this that the Rainwater Harvesting system then has multiple filters.

"The county wanted to be sure that the water was pure, and I said the water is going to be filtered 4 times, including by a UV filter, and you're trying to tell me that it's not going to be clean as water from a hole in the ground?"

We also love it when, in the case of an overflow, the excess water can be utilized for agricultural purposes. We have one customer that has the overflow of rain run into animal feeding troughs.

The system at the Asheville residence is convenient and cheap. The water is caught and stored automatically. As the system features an auto-switch, you are assured that when the water is depleted, you can switch back to your other supply systems.

Water is collected from their roof and diverted to both their below and above-ground storage systems. The water is then filtered and oxygenated before it enters the storage vessel, effectively then removing any large contaminants.

Within the storage vessel, the water goes through a thin microbiological layer, the biofilm, which is quite efficient as it pertains to keeping the water clean. This is then transferred to the 5,000-gallon storage unit.

Overall, the Asheville homeowners end up with soft, contaminant-free water that they can use for everything within the home. You are just one phone call or email away from taking total control of your water supply and experiencing total freedom and unlimited supply. Get in touch today and let us take care of your rainwater harvesting system.

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City Water is full of chemicals, expensive, and makes you dependent.