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The Parisis had a challenge on their hands. They were building a new cabin, and they couldn't find a safe and reliable water source. It wasn't until they came across the idea of a rainwater harvesting system that they found hope that there was more than just trial and error for a well. The Parisis have had their fair share of challenges finding a reliable water source, but they have finally found a solution for their new build and possibly for other properties.

The Problem

The Parisis were building a new cabin on their lake and were trying to drill a new well for the property but couldn't find a reliable water source. They dug an impressive 1,200 feet down and couldn't find a reliable water source. They also mentioned that they owned other properties that had working wells, but those wells were unable to keep up with the needs of the cabins. On top of all of that, the wells at their other cabins didn't produce the best water, which left them looking for a new water source that would be better than a well.

The Story

The Parisis knew they needed an alternative, but what could they do? Even when they did find a reliable well, the water quality wasn't the best, as they explained:

From my perspective, knowing now about the water quality issues over here on Douglas Lake, with just the sulfur, just the bad water. You know, this is a lot better. Cleaner.

So, they partnered with Perfect Water to install a rainwater harvesting system. To say they were pleased is only the beginning:

And we lived in another other cabin before we moved here. The water there was extremely better. Well, you know, probably $12,000 was the sanitation equipment on the other ones just to make it bearable and drinkable. They even have reverse osmosis on the other one and all kinds of stuff. But the quality here is still better even after the purification systems that we have on the other houses.

They had been spending thousands and installing more and more equipment just to make their water palatable, not perfect. That's when Perfect Water installed a 10,000-gallon above-ground whole-home rainwater harvesting system for the Parisi family. The family had nothing but positive things to say about working with Perfect Water and the level of customer service with which they were provided, but they were even happier with the quality and reliability of their new water source.

Project Details

Each project presents its own challenges, but the Parisis' project was a relatively standard install for Perfect Water. The first step was to calculate the level of precipitation they could expect in a year and how much water they could expect to collect. After pouring over 100 years of data, Perfect Water calculated that the Parisi residence could expect to see an estimated annual yield of 67,773 gallons, which breaks down to about 5,648 gallons every month. These numbers were calculated based on an estimated rooftop capture area of 2,100 sqft.

The system that works best for the Parisi residence is a 10,000-gallon above-ground storage unit, which is housed on the southeast side of the home. Water will be transported from the roof to the storage unit through multiple downspouts and brought to the house through buried lines. The tanks themselves are hunter-green in color.

The water travels through a pre-storage treatment device that removes heavy debris, like sticks and leaves, before it reaches the tank. This device does not need to be replaced, but it is necessary to clean it to remove the caught debris periodically. The unit also houses an overflow system that is another line of defense before the water is stored in the tank. The system is installed in the storage unit and has a skimming feature with a critter lockout to prevent any pests from entering the water tank. Any overflow, along with anything caught by the skimmer, will discharge natural storm runoff.

A submersible pump maintains a suction point about four inches below the water surface. The mechanical components of the pump are located in a crawlspace for access. The pump provides a water pressure that is equal to or superior to the water pressure one would expect from traditional city water. When the water leaves the storage unit and moves to the house, it is subject to a multi-step filtration process. The water first travels through a five-micron sediment filter to remove any larger particles, then a carbon filter for microscopic particles. Finally, it passes through an ultra-violet disinfection system to kill any bacteria that may be present.

The Parisi's system also comes with built-in fail-safes to protect from unforeseen events. It has an automated crossover feature that automatically switches the home over to a municipal supply line in the unlikely event that their tank is depleted or the UV lamp stops working. It also comes with a storage fill port with access near the driveway in case the family needs to fill the tank with supplemental water. Another feature that the Parisi family appreciates is the digital water level indicator they can view in the house to let them know exactly where the water level is in the tank.


The Parisi family ended up with a fantastic alternative to municipal or well water that is cleaner, safer, and tastes much better than their other options.

They especially appreciate the water level meter that lets them stay on top of how much water is in their tank. As for working with Perfect Water, they couldn't have been kinder:

It's all been positive. And Daniel has been great. Overall, everything has been really good. And we would definitely consider it again.

Now, the Parisi family has a reliable water source for years to come without having to spend additional resources trying to make their other water sources palatable.

Additional Information

The Parisi family's story is not a unique one. Perfect Water has helped many family experience life-changing improvements in their water quality and sustainability. Rainwater harvesting systems are an option for most homes and allow homeowners to move from traditional water sources. If you have questions about installing a rainwater harvesting system on your property or want to add additional automation, controls, or monitoring to your existing system, contact your PerfectWater representative today.

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