Building A Home? Reasons To Consider Your Water Now.

Protection From The Start

Your plumbing, fixtures and water using appliances are brand new. Protect your investment before it begins to see the deteriorating effects of hard water.

Save Money

The savings are as numerous as the ways in which water touches your life. Rainwater harvesting offers savings on water bills, irrigation meters, other stormwater mitigation alternatives, and landscape replacement costs during water bans. PerfectWater offers reduced energy consumption, 50% savings on soaps and detergents, enormous savings over the cost of bottled water, and protection of expensive appliances from scale build-up.

Stormwater Compliance That Gives You An Asset To Be Used

New stormwater compliance regulation, which is taking effect in 2014, will make any construction site one acre or more subject to permanent stormwater mitigation. On some sites, obtaining a building permit may be directly linked to the use of rainwater harvesting, especially as part of an array of mitigation alternatives. However antagonistic stricter stormwater control regulation may be, our reality is that to be in compliance we can create from waste the useful asset of clean, odor free, natural water.

Enhance Quality of Life

With our system, every time water touches your life you are enjoying the best possible water. There is increasing evidence that municipal water supplies deliver poor quality water into your home. You can have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected from thousands of contaminants. This makes drinking water taste better and brewed beverages automatically superior. Laundered fabrics are softer and their use life is extended. Hair and skin are not aggravated by our water, rather enhanced and radiating with health.


By our definition, PerfectWater means not taking anything for granted. We test our clients’ water sources, design customized treatment for each system, and install monitoring devices to assure quality is constantly maintained. Every system we install puts perfect water at the homeowner’s touch wherever they wish.

Environmental Stewardship

Our, Rainwater Resources, rainwater harvesting systems help prevent sediment-laden stormwater from damaging watersheds. In addition, utilizing rainwater where it falls is so environmentally significant that our systems can gain up to 12 points toward LEED certification of a new home. Additionally, the more rainwater stored and used on site, the less energy used by central water and sewage utilities. Less energy consumption means lower carbon emissions. Toxic landfill waste is also reduced with our PerfectWater conditioning systems. Install a PerfectWater system and discontinue plastic bottled water and the energy to transport it.

Want to learn more about Water Purification or Rainwater Harvesting? Contact our team.

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