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Live in Knoxville? Why You Should Consider Water Filtration

Do you have city water? Here’s what you should know about water filtration for your home.

Do I Need Water Filtration for City Water?

There is a common misconception that water filtration is only needed for well water – this is not the case.

The primary contaminants that one should look out for in city water are the following:

Drinking-Water Contaminants – This includes heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, inorganics, and other contaminants that are harmful to the body.

Hard Water – I’m sure you’ve heard of hard water before. This is not only a problem with well water, but many water municipalities also deliver hard water to homes that should be softened.

Chlorine – This should be removed from all the water that enters the home. Chlorine / Chloramine / Other disinfecting products are used to remove bacteria and other contaminants from the water for mass distribution. These chemicals should be removed before being used in/on your body.

In another article, we lay out a comprehensive list of contaminants that are common/expected to be found in city water.

What Types of Water Filtration is Available?

Based on the contaminants mentioned above, there are a few types of filtration that homeowners should consider when their home is being supplied with municipal (city) water.

Reverse Osmosis – While there are a host of “drinking water filters” out there, we put our recommendation on one type of drinking water purification for homes – that is reverse osmosis. These systems are generally mounted under a sink or remotely mounted (this is what we do) in a garage, crawlspace, or basement. Reverse osmosis performs the highest quality of water purification available for residential applications, removing all the contaminants discussed above at a very high level.

Water Softener – This is probably the most common type of water filtration you see today. Water softeners use a process of ion exchange to remove hardness minerals and replace them with sodium ions. The result? Soft water that doesn’t scale on surfaces and appliances, as well as helping with soft skin and natural, silky hair.

Activated Carbon (De-Chlorination) – These systems are designed to filter all the water coming into the house. They use the treatment process of activated carbon to remove chemicals such as chlorine and other organics.

Drinking-Water Purification

For someone who is looking to start their water purification journey, we would recommend starting with drinking water purification through reverse osmosis.

Like previously mentioned, this will remove all the unhealthy contaminants that can show up in your water supply, also it keeps you from having to purchase bottled water at the store.

Water Softener

Water softeners are a must for homes in our opinion. They remove hardness minerals from water, which if left alone, will cause scale buildup everywhere the water goes.

There are many misnomers when it comes to water softeners, consider checking out our water softener guide for homeowners.

Chlorine Removal

Chlorine removal systems are a customer favorite. If you can’t smell the chlorine in the water when you take a shower, you certainly will be able to tell a difference after you get a system.

You won’t believe that you used to take a shower in un-treated water!

An Investment in Your Home and Health

Taking the next step towards water filtration for your home may seem like uncharted territory, but remember the benefits of adding this feature to your home.

  • Protection of your plumbing and appliances
  • No more scale buildup on shower doors and tile
  • Soft and moisturized skin
  • Healthy, silky, and natural hair
  • Highly purified drinking water at the tap
  • Chlorine-free water for showers and bathing
  • No toxic contaminants

Take the next step in water filtration for your home!

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