What is Rainwater Harvesting Like in The Winter?

A question from homeowners that inevitably comes up is, “will rainwater harvesting work in the winter when it freezes and snows”? In today’s article, we look at all the aspects of rainwater collection during the winter months.  

Since we are currently located in the southeast, this is the climate to which I will be discussing in this post.

The Basics of Rainwater Harvesting

What is rainwater harvesting? In simple terms, it’s the collection of rooftop rainwater, sending it through a process of conveyance, storage, filtration, and repressurizing the water, and supplying the captured rainwater as a fully-functioning water supply.

So, what changes in the winter? Freezing temperatures add an interesting dynamic to water, it changes water from its normal liquid state to a solid-state.

What About the Snow?

When snow falls on the roof, the water is not lost! It most often slowly melts as the sun covers the large surface.  

Will the Rainwater in the Storage Tank Freeze?

While the answer to this question for underground storage tanks may be obvious, it does not freeze. You may be wondering about above groundwater storage – the water inside the storage tank only freezes the first few inches of the outer rim, but the center of the tank, where the pump is placed, does not come close to freezing.

What Else Should I Know About Winter Season Rainwater Harvesting?

There are thousands of Americans living in their rainwater harvesting-supplied homes year-round. Rainwater harvesting is perfectly suited to function at one hundred percent throughout the year.

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