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Know Your Water (Blog)

Welcome to our blog. This is where we at PerfectWater™ write and post articles covering rainwater harvesting and water purification. We will do our very best to provide interesting and helpful content; and as a cornerstone, content that you can trust.

Back to School: Pack a Water Bottle

Summer is wrapping up and school supplies are being bought! This is often a love/hate part of the year, new changes, exciting adventures, but also the reality of studying and tests is always around the corner. We want to encourage each of you to keep the good work,...

Reverse Osmosis and Copper Pipes

Did you know that some piping coupled with RO water would actually produce undesirable effects? This article will cover the information you need to know about RO water and proper piping.   Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water First, let's talk about regular water. Have you...

How to Recognize a Water Specialist

Have you considered getting water purification before, but then been overwhelmed with the many water treatment dealers in your area, not knowing the difference between any of them? You are not alone. The problem with water treatment is the lack of education and...

6 Myths of Water Softeners Debunked

Have you ever thought about getting a water softener but then been turned away by something negative you heard? More times than not, the information you are hearing is either incomplete or false entirely. This article takes a look at those most common myths standing...

The State of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is evolving as a relatively young industry, but it is growing fast. Right now, all around the United States, rainwater harvesting is supplying thousands of people with potable water, as well as other water using processes in commercial realms....

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